Your Voice MATTERS.

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

🎤Every voice should be heard. You have something to say that someone needs to hear. Maybe it’s a word of encouragement, someone needs it to get through their day. Maybe it’s an idea that will spark creativity in someone else. Maybe it’s the truth that someone is searching for. Maybe it’s constructive criticism that will help them grow.

🆘Often as children, things happen to cause us to go silent. Maybe you were never listened to growing up. Maybe the only way your family communicated was through yelling. Maybe you were told that you were stupid. Maybe you were constantly told to shut up. Maybe fear is wrapped around your vocal cords causing you to hate having to speak.

📣You have the power to change it. Start small. Speak to a friend, a family member, a coworker. Speak to your Uber driver, barista, bodega owner. Speak to yourself. Start using your voice. There’s more power in it than you know. And someone is waiting to hear it.

💭 What has caused you to fear speaking out? When did it start? Who did it start with? Write it down in a journal or on your phone. Work through those moments, forgive the people who stifled your voice intentionally or otherwise.

🗣 Challenge yourself every day to speak. Speak your opinion in the workplace. Speak up about an idea. Speak up about your day around friends and family.

🚫 We can break the Cycle of Silence. When you start having the courage to speak, you give permission for other people to do the same. If you’re a parent, be intentional about having conversations with your child past just how their school day has gone. Be a friend to someone and engage in meaningful conversations.

🌎Communication can change the world.

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