Pain is Pain.

Pain is Pain.

Everyone experiences different things in life and everyone gets hurt in one way or another, there’s NO escaping that. Just because your trauma or tragedy might not be as bad as someone else’s, DOESN’T mean that their trauma and tragedy is unimportant.

We can ALL connect in one way or another. One of the best ways to overcome pain is by sharing our stories with each other. By respecting each other’s stories and being willing to walk in each other’s shoes, EVEN if they haven’t been to the same dark places.

Pain is pain. Healing is healing. Progress is progress. Though it all looks different for everyone.

In Cirque, in chapter 19, R.L. explains this concept to two of his recruits who are letting their assumptions and stereotypes cause problems between them. Neither of them can seem to understand that they each have troubles of their own. He tells them, “I’m asking for both of you to let your guard down and try to understand each other. I’m asking you to look at each other as equals. When you were home you might have been complete opposites, but now you’re in Cirque,” R.L. paused. “And in Cirque we are family. Family doesn’t always get along, but they are always there for each other. Neither of you knows what that’s like, but you will learn it here. You were brothers the moment you opened your eyes in my circus tent.”

The world would be a very different place if we would all take a minute to look at someone's life through their eyes. Not to make excuses, not to forever be treated as a victim, but to understand that pain is universal and it changes people.

Challenge: Find someone to share your pain with. Challenge yourself to hear their story, feel their heart, and see through their eyes.

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