Don't Waste Your Pain!

Simple. Bad things happen that you can’t control. What you CAN control is what you do WITH your pain. The worst days, the heartaches, and the fear. The regret, the abuse, and the confusion. Those moments where all you wanted was to sleep forever and ever. Those moments where you wished that you could be anybody else in the whole world.

How can you use your pain?

1. You can use it to understand other people. Hurt people, hurt people. When you realize that everyone is in pain, you gain a better understanding of humanity. You see people differently. Your heart can be softened towards others. You are able to gain compassion.

2. You can use it to help other people not have to go through what you went through. By sharing your story, by being real about what you went through, people can learn from your story without having to experience it all themselves. Your mistakes or regrets can guide someone away from making those same decisions.

3. You can use it to become a better person. Instead of being angry and blaming everyone else. Instead of being a victim for the rest of your life, you can become better. You can become stronger and kinder. Use your pain to shape you into someone worth knowing, someone worth following.

DON’T waste your pain. Don’t stay in the deep dark depression for the rest of your life. Don’t stay a victim and blame everyone for everything wrong.

Your pain can make a difference in our world so don’t waste it.

Here are 10 people (of millions) that chose to USE their pain and not WASTE it:

  1. Oprah Winfrey

  2. Malala Yousafzai

  3. Helen Keller

  4. Nick Vujicic

  5. Howard Schultz

  6. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak

  7. Michael Jordan

  8. Tyler Perry

  9. Nelson Mandela

  10. Bethany Hamilton

Save the image below as your phone wallpaper to remind you what to do with your pain.

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