Updated: Aug 14, 2020

🚫Stop calling yourself depressed. Don’t let it define you. Don’t let it control every day of your life. You are not depressed - you struggle with depression. You are not an alcoholic - you struggle with alcohol addiction. We are not our worst days.

🌧It took me a long time to realize that I struggled with depression. Because it didn’t look like what I thought it was supposed to. I used to google the symptoms of depression and decide that there was no way I was depressed. It was just a bad day, I was just not feeling well, I’m just emotional. But you can’t heal if you don’t admit you’re broken.

👤Some of us are struggling with things that we’re either living in denial about or are too terrified to admit. Maybe suicidal thoughts, addiction, depression, hatred, fear, anxiety. You’ll never get better, healed, or free if you don’t tell someone. We’re all broken - don’t let anyone fool you into believing their life is all sunshine and rainbows all the time.

👥When I was able to realize the specific enemy of depression that I was fighting in my life, the battle changed. I knew specific prayers to pray, books to read. I found people who dealt and are dealing with the same thing and we fight every day together. I stopped hiding and isolating myself and fought for friendships.

Even on the days where I want nothing to do with anyone - since they know my struggle - they make me connect, make me have a relationship, make me continue the fight.

📝Healing looks different for everyone. I wear clothes that make me smile (hence so much Disney attire), I make sure I’m spending time with people that make me laugh, I journal all my thoughts and feelings. And above all, I talk to my God every day about every little feeling and thought I have, and I let Him work on me. I let Him heal me, however, He’s gotta do it.

⚔️For some, the depression you’re dealing with will be seasonal. For some, it will be a longer battle. But the fight is always worth it. And there’s someone out there needing you to tell them it’s possible.


- National Suicide Prevention Hotline- TEXT 273Talk to 839863


- Youthline- TEXT teen2teen to 839863 - 877-968-8491

- Alcohol & Drug Helpline- TEXT recoverynow to 839863 - 800-923-4357

- GriefShare - 1-800-395-5755 -

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