BIG pain, BIG purpose.

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

😔Often it can feel like the pain we’re experiencing is never-ending and pointless. What did we do to deserve it? Why us? It’s not fair. We want life to be easy. But easy never leads to beautiful. Easy never leads to powerful. Easy never leads to PURPOSE.

❗️We all have one, a purpose. We all have a reason for existing. Maybe to create, to love, to speak, to teach, to sing, to build, to smile, to encourage, to help - to change the world. But we’re delusional if we think we’re going to be handed our purpose on a silver platter. How valuable would it be to us then?

🌱Someday, when the sky clears and the storm chills, we’re gonna see how it was worth it. We’re going to see how the blood sweat and tears that we shed landed in soil like seeds and the rains and storms watered it and the fire we thought would burn us acted like a sun. Out of the struggle our destiny is born.

💬So instead of resenting the pain, realize that if you have been entrusted with BIG PAIN, you have been entrusted with BIG PURPOSE. Don’t shortchange the process.

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