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This book is for anyone who’s ever felt scared, alone, not good enough, not smart enough, unwanted. Anyone who has ever wished they’d never been born. Anyone who has been abused, raped, pushed around, bullied, or targeted. 


This story is for every boy and girl who ever knelt over a toilet bowl in an attempt to become valuable. For every boy and girl who grew up watching their parents fade away with drugs, alcohol, and violence. For anyone who ever felt like they had no idea who they were. Anyone who felt like they didn’t belong in their own family. Anyone who ever wondered if they were special. Anyone who ever wondered if they were meant for something big. Anyone who ever wanted to change the world.

When you have experienced Cirque and all it has to offer, find someone else who needs it. 

None of us are alone.


Author Brooklynn Langston began the creation of Cirque in her junior year of high school in 2013. She continued to dream, edit, and create the wonderful world and its residents. 

Cirque is about five teenagers living very different but equally difficult lives. Dealing with abuse, self-harm, insecurity, poverty, and questioning their very existence. 

After unfortunate deaths, they find themselves in a circus tent with an eccentric and loving ringleader - R.L. During their time at Cirque they are marked with a tattoo symbolizing the very circus act they were born to master. Lion Tamer, Contortionist, Tightrope Walker, Fire Breather, and Trapeze Artist.

It is an unforgettable journey with Drew, Lilly, Jordan, Zoe, Michael, R.L, and the family of Cirque Des Élus—Circus of the Chosen. 


Not just for teenagers! There’s a lesson for everyone. Beautifully written, it takes you on a journey. Read then share with someone!

This book is easy to read for teens that are going through the same stuff and wanting to kill themselves. I recommend this book to any one dealing or knows someone dealing with that same struggles. For parents to better understand this cruel world that our children live in. Each generation is not the same.

Cirque is such an awesome read! It’s so relatable in different ways. I highly recommend it!

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